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Grohe and Kohler Means Revolution in Design and Comfort

To many a tap is just a tap, a shower just a sprinkler hung from the ceiling, and a home is just where you hang your hat. But to the specialist kitchen and bathroom designers Grohe and Kohler, the home is anything but somewhere that should be special. And as the leading Grohe and Kohler dealers in Chennai, as shown from winning the Best South Indian Dealer Award, Bathcaff seeks to become part of not just fitting a home, but of the revolution they lead.

There are many different ways one can look at a home, but both Grohe and Kohler see things differently than most. Grohe sees “design is more than just aesthetic trappings. It is a quality feature and stands for the perfect synthesis of form and function.” Where Grohe states their “mission is to improve your sense of gracious living in every experience you have.” It is quite a standard to live up to, but we are finding more and more every day that there are people out there that share these ideals.

The tradition of excellence in design has been a long one but something that has been forgotten in the modern home. Many go to marvel at the Taj Mahal, to wonder at its beauty and intricacies. People stand at the foot of World One in Mumbia and become breathless at its sheer audacity. But very few take home the essence of design. And here Grohe and Kohler lead the way.

Kohler plays a huge part in this tradition and are a leader in the revolution to bring this essence into the modern home. Founded by John Michael Kohler in 1873 (four generations on it is still a family business), he understood straight away that design meant two things: “An uncompromising commitment to craft and a willingness to be bold.” And still today Kohler are forerunners, with bespoke responses to the most ingenious questions that are asked in home design; and these answers equal the most luxurious and innovative bathrooms and kitchens.

Grohe have taken this revolutionary banner and run with it taking more awards than most could fit in kitchen storage space (except them). As they say “the result is the joy you experience every time you use our products. And the joy we experience every time we receive an award for our uncompromising love of quality.” This is a sentiment that you will not hear everywhere, you will only here it from one the winners of the revolution: and that is Grohe through and through.

You see, the reason why we consider ourselves the best Grohe and Kohler dealer in Chennai is not simply down to our customer commitment and effort we provide in getting the customer exactly what they want. It is down to this revolutionary spirit; it is infectious and it has taken us with it. Because there is no reason that a bathroom or kitchen cannot be a work of art or an expression of a new way of thinking. Just ask the leaders of the revolution.

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