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Everything You Need to Know When Buying Kohler Bathroom Fittings in Chennai

Bathroom accessories, known as the jewellery of the bathroom, have the ability to visually transform a bathroom space, as well as add functionality and comfort to its users. Ensure that your bathroom looks well put together, by matching bathroom accessories with each other, and that they complement the fittings in the room. You’ll save a plenty of time and running around when you choose a single brand like Kohler which offers a huge range of fittings and accessories.

This guide is a useful companion whether you are remodelling a bathroom, decorating it and simply making it smarter with a few new accessories.

The Basic Eight

Every bathroom that’s worth a design effort needs to have the basic eight items: towel rails, bathroom shelves, toilet paper holders, towel rings, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, toilet brush holders, and robe hooks. Ask Bathcaff, your Kohler retailer for the complete range of these basic eight products.

The Functional “Fix”

Clean, minimalist lines are the hottest bathroom design trend in India, and that this reflects in the design of bathroom accessories by Kohler. They can fixed to the walls seamlessly.

Trust the Brand

The reputation of a good brand makes many things work in your favour. It is more so when you want to buy high quality and expensive bathroom fittings or accessories. Established brands spend a lot on solving the user’s most nagging problems and addressing their important needs. They put their reputation at stake every time they launch something new and they generally take customer relationship seriously. If you have any problem with your bathroom accessory they might be ready with a solution quickly. It is always better to go with a reputed brand like Kohler instead of a generic, no-name company that might disappear anytime.

You can also ask for the life expectancy of the product you’re considering to buy.

Decide Based On Colours

You want your bathroom pleasing. Colour plays a huge role in creating the effect you want to create. It could be softer shades, monotone or an active mix of vibrant colours. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits with the overall look and feel of the place and the effect you want to deliver.


If you need a little extra for an additional year of warranty, it’s worth paying for. You don’t want to be annoyed with yourself when you get a huge repair bill later on. If it’s your own house and the fittings seller offers a lifetime warranty, consider getting it if you can afford. This will cut down the high replacement costs in the future.

Some Caveats

If you’ll be moving out soon, it doesn’t make sense to invest a lot of money on new accessories and fittings.

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